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Web design

With the advancement of technology and the pervasiveness of the Internet, designing a dedicated website is very important for businesses. YektaDG team will identify the needs of your business using innovative approaches and will accompany you in order to grow and improve.

What are the factors in designing a professional website?

First of all, a professional site should be at a high level in terms of loading speed. It is important that your site is fully loaded at the shortest possible time. After that, graphic design is the most important thing, so your audience could communicate with your site. How your site looks is effective in attracting more visitors. Today, users use a variety of communication tools such as mobile, tablet, computer and… to enter various websites. If the fonts and elements of your site change fit the screen, your site has the important feature of being responsive. And last but not least, the SEO helps you get a better look of your website in a search engine like Google.


High Loading Speed




Visual Design


Content And Optimization

Custom Website Davalopment

Today, launching and ordering a website design is one of the priorities of every company and organization, and even you, dear entrepreneurs, can achieve your goal by designing a website and grow your business. Business owners know that using web design is very important in today’s world and most people know that the number of users on the Internet is increasing day by day that having a good site according to people’s needs is very important. One of the most basic methods of site design is custom design. Designing a customized website means that it does not follow a specific pattern and programming will be done from scratch. for starters, each company or startup orders all the parts, such as programming language, template, graphic design and other facilities according to their needs and ideas. This will allow you to have no restrictions and to be able to fully implement your ideas on your website.

In the specialized team of YektaDG, dedicated graphic design and standard and optimal programming will be considered in all site design projects from the ground up. The important thing is that the design is completely separate from other projects, and this is a special advantage, especially for startups, which get generally different from competitors.


WordPress is an open source software that users can use to build a website, blog or application. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. Designing a website with a content management system with WordPress can save you time and money. If you need a site with the usual features and characteristics of a company or store site, the best choice for you is WordPress site design. WordPress has various SEO plugins that helps you optimize the site and achieve your goals. At YektaDG, we specially design and produce offers tailored to the needs and tastes of the client for corporate WordPress site, store site, and..

WordPress sites in YektaDG can be implemented in two ways:

  • Has a special graphic design
  • Use of the world's best-selling templates

All sites designed in YektaDG have standard loading speeds, SEO plugins, high security and are compatible with a variety of screens, and before concluding the contract, the document is presented to the employers.

Execution process in YektaDG

Our experts at YektaDG do the initial planning at the beginning of the journey by examining the ideas and identifying the needs of your business. Then, by analyzing the requirements and presenting the best solution, they design the basis of the project. In the third stage, the project is programmed and technically developed. Upon completion, technical control and project testing will take place. Finally, our team will deliver the final project to the employer with support and training.

Website design fees

The design price is determined based on the various features used on the site. One of the most important factors in determining the price is the site design method. Two design methods include:

  • Custom design using WordPress templates
  • Custom design using full project coding

Each project can be implemented in one of the above two ways, depending on the needs of the client. But in general, the cost and time spent implementing WordPress is less than complete project coding. Our experts at YektaDG recommend people who have just decided to start their business online or want to introduce themselves more in their new situation to use WordPress templates because it can Save them money.

Some features that affect the cost of site design:

  • User interface and user experience design (UI/UX)
  • Project delivery time
  • Number of WordPress plugins or custom modules
  • Type of business (store, company, news, download movies and songs, etc.)
  • Multilinguality of the site (English, Arabic, etc.)
  • Placing content on the site
  • Hosts and domains
  • Customized content production
  • SEO and optimization services

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