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New businesses need to look appropriate and effective to better communicate with the audience. Look for attractive solutions to increase user interaction with your software and ultimately increase your sales. You can leave your project to our UI and UX specialists to develop, create ideas and evaluate the capability of your product.

Four important UI & UX features


Be Clear And Transparent

The whole purpose of design is to enable people to connect well with your site


Be Concise

Save valuable time for your users by keeping things short


Be Attractive

A good user interface should be attractive. This means that the users should enjoy the process of working with your site.


Be Efficient

To have an efficient user interface, you must enable the user to access your site in the shortest possible time

You probably have come across a site or application that looks very nice, but is difficult to work with, and the opposite can also happen. The reason is related to the two concepts of UI / UX. In the following, we will examine each of the concepts.

The term User Interface Design (UI) includes the proper structuring of all platform elements. That is, designing the part of the site or application that the user first encounters and sees. In the user interface, more attention is paid to the graphic aspect of the subject. For example, what should be the general appearance of buttons, pages and other visual components of each section so they could give a good look to the site and the user could communicate well with it.


The term User Experience Design (UX), includes the maximum user satisfaction from interacting with a site or application. In fact, UX deals with the user's emotions while working with different parts of the site and considers the aspects of the user's relationship with each part. Designing and implementing your site in such a way that each section is easily accessible to the users and user's comfort and convenience be intended while working with each section, these are issues of user experience design.
According to the mentioned explanations, it can be said that in order to create a continuous and effective relationship between your site and users, interface design and user experience (UI / UX) play an important role, and by designing and implementing both concepts, the user's satisfaction can be provided.
Our goal at YektaDG is to enable our customers to build long-term relationships with their customers and other stakeholders by increasing their interaction.

You can see the UI / UX design process in Yekta DJ

We provide top-notch UI/UX development services. Get an eye-catching look and increase your user interaction.

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