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SEO is a set of guidelines and strategies that will help your website to rank better in search engine results.

Importance of SEO

Today, millions of users are looking for the most suitable product and service on Google to achieve their goal. SEO helps your site rank better in Google results and eventually reach the first page. Generating specialized content and an attractive user interface can greatly help your site’s SEO process and will attract more users. In general, it can be said that if the site can attract many users with proper SEO and gain their trust by providing the right products and services, it will ultimately increase the number of customers.

How to start SEO?

First of all, you need your own site. If you haven’t designed the site, you can refer to our specialized web design teams to do so. If you have a site, checking your position and records is the first step towards your SEO.

What are the types of SEO methods?

SEO can be done in various ways: white hat, black hat and gray hat.

White Hat SEO

This method uses the rules approved by search engines and the correct policies. The goal is customer satisfaction, and in fact, white hat SEO works in a way that displays the web pages to users attractively, in order to attract more attention to the site. The best type of SEO is the white hat. Of course, it is the most difficult and longest method. You will achieve the desired results with white hat SEO in the long run, be patient.

Black Hat SEO

It can be called circumventing and deceiving Google. Those who wanted to get to the top immediately found a number of fraudulent methods and shortcuts to circumvent Google’s rules. But the interesting thing is that whatever method they find, Google finds a way to detect it. This process has led Google to use new algorithms every day. With this type of SEO method, you may be able to be in the first place for a few days, but you will be identified and fall, and the reputation of your site in Google will be lost.

Gray Hat SEO

The strategy of this method is similar to black hat SEO, but in a way that is associated with less risk. In this method, too, the goal is to circumvent Google’s rules, but in a way that by applying some policies, they are less at risk of being identified by Google.

Internal SEO of the site

This helps search engines recognize your site’s internal pages and how useful they are to users.

Inbound link building

Link building is an important topic. Part of it is about linking to the site’s products and internal pages, and part of it is about linking to other websites that are relevant to your topic. There are concerns about this second part. For example, you are advertising for a competitor site. But you should note that at the same time you have linked the content of your page to that other good site and Google may find that your site has more useful content.

External link building

External link building means getting backlinks. By producing rich and useful content, you can get other sites to use your site content and link to it as a resource.

What is the impact of presence on social networks on SEO?

With the increase of users in social networks, being there has two great benefits for you. The first is that by publishing content in this environment, you link to your site. Another important point is that by working on social media, you connect more closely with your audience, who read, talk about and share the content of your pages. By doing so, you are actually branding. And you have attracted your customers and audience.

Generate exclusive content

For a startup company, the main challenge isn’t funding, but access to audience. Good content, if delivered to the right people at the right time, can turn them into regular customers of your business. In this way, customers’ trust can be gained and a special and well-established position in your field of activity can be achieved. Making content that is free of copy and full of innovation can be the beginning of a new chapter in your business. Exclusive content can be produced in the form of text, video, podcast, image, infographic, story, and…

Audience needs

The first step in producing content is identifying the needs of the audience. Content comes in a variety of formats, and you need to be very smart and careful about using these formats based on the needs and tastes of your business audience. So to produce custom content, you need to increase your studies drastically so that you can meet the needs of most audiences.

Our experts will help you achieve your business goals by producing customized content tailored to your business and using the latest SEO tools. YektaDG will be by your side to get a good ranking in Google results and introduce your business well. The more you are seen, the more you can reach and attract users. For more information, our experts are ready to consult you for free.

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