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Office Automation

Our team will work with government agencies and private companies to provide a variety of solutions in the field of custom automation to increase the efficiency of their internal and external communications. Custom automations help the workflow process and employee management, They will also improve the customer relationship process, which will increase the productivity of the organization at all levels. Getting information on time is the key to organizations’ success. The development of modern information technologies makes it possible to create custom software for specific automations in public and private organizations. It’s time to automate all your work environment activities. This will save time and money for your business. The automations also created the conditions for you to focus your workforce on activities that are valuable to your business.

Features of ideal office and business systems:

  • Need of little space to store data
  • Ability to simplify data storage and retrieval
  • Immediate retrieval of information
  • Elimination of need to physically archive documents
  • Ability to create different access levels

Important requirements of office and commercial systems

Easy Workflow Design

Reporting System

Automation Of Manual Work

Activity Management

YektaDG provides services for the development, implementation and integration of programs in various fields. Analyzers, consultants and developers of our company by analyzing the administrative and business processes of customers seek to identify effective procedures such as the modern technology development and market conditions to provide practical and general solutions for software product development. One of the main activities of YektaDG is the design and development of administrative and commercial programs that allow public and private organizations to solve some of their problems based on their needs and field of work in various fields listed below.

The Field Of Labor Relations

  • Archive human resource records
  • Performance evaluation of units
  • Staff training
  • Encouraging system
  • Accounting and social security system

Document Circulation Area

  • Input / output correspondence recording systems
  • Classification and categorization of documents
  • Sampling of special documents and compiling files
  • Workflow process control
  • Implementation of organizational programs controls according to time management

Some Other Features

  • Evaluate the efficiency of personnel activities
  • Generate periodic reports
  • Processing requests and preparing relevant internal and external documents
  • Equipment monitoring system

Yekta Dadeh Gostar Pooyesh Larestan Company (YektaDG), with the benefit of experienced specialists, is ready to provide design and development services for office automation to all public and private organizations, so you could have your expected efficiency.

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