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Mobile Development

Today, smartphones are intertwined with people’s lifestyles. Mobile phones also play an important role in business, as most businesses have realized the importance of them. Technology has made communication easier and faster between businesses. Join the YektaDG team to make you more familiar with the benefits of application design!

The first advantage of building an app is that you differentiate yourself from your competitors by placing your business on the customer’s mobile phone, and this can be one of the most important features. Other features include constant communication with the customer. Users will always have you by their side by installing your application on their Android phones. By eliminating the cost of catalog printing, the cost of advertising is greatly reduced and your digital catalog is placed on the customer’s mobile. A dedicated application for your business represents your brand.

Customers see the updated list of your products and services at any time and are informed of your latest news. Another important point about mobile apps is that they open the door to sales. And apps have attracted a lot of fans because they are easier and faster to access compared to sites. It should also be noted that the number of people using mobile phones is increasing every day and has surpassed television, which is the main advertising medium. You can create a page on social media that represents your application. This will expand your scope of work. Each time you present a new product, you can also update the application and encourage your customers to use the application and praise it by offering suggestions and discounts. With the booming state of the mobile industry that we see today, all businesses are advised to build a mobile application to advertise their products.

Application production process in YektaDG

In YektaDG, first, the desired project document will be prepared in several sessions with your cooperation. Wireframes are simple designs that show where each part of the application is located and have no color, detail, etc. The next step is to design the user interface in which all the graphic elements are used. The created graphic design will then be transferred to the programming team and converted into code. Finally, the initial version of the application will be provided to the employer for review, so that in case of any problem or change in the application, the desired application and output will be obtained.

At YektaDG, we know it is our duty to design and produce an application that will help you grow and succeed in your business. Accordingly, we are always by your side with the newest technologies in the field of application design to put you one step ahead of your competitors. We believe that the success of your business will lead to the success of our business, so we will make every effort to provide services that will achieve this goal.

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