According to the public relations of Larestan State University,  Dr. Rahimi Sharabaf, Deputy Minister of Research and Technology, Dr. Nadgaran, President of Shiraz University and Dr. Gharibi, former Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Board of Trustees of Shiraz University And technology visited.

In this program, different laboratories of the university were visited, including: IoT laboratory, ultra-fast computing center and technology acceleration center, and also in a meeting with the presence of faculty members and the board of directors, the various capabilities of the complex were examined.

The guests then visited the Science and Technology Tower, which was built by the Hashemi Nikandishan Foundation and the city’s growth center, and became familiar with different activities of 10 technology companies in the center and the national and provincial honors of these companies, including Shaikh Baha’i and the chosen festival of Kharazmi and the elected technology of the province, etc.

Dr. Rahimi Sharabaf, appreciating the help of regional donors to the field of education and research, considered the research and technological activities of faculty members, professors and graduates of the higher education complex in the city as significant and considered it as a sign of purposeful development of the higher education complex. He described the faculty members with favorable scientific and research backgrounds as the most important strength of this university.

He also visited Yekta DJi and was informed about the latest projects of this group. He also assessed the growth of higher education in the past decade as disproportionate and beyond the capacity of the country, and therefore considered it necessary to review the mission and disciplines of each university unit in accordance with the needs of society and its infrastructure.

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